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WIFI Printer Advantages

?WIFI smart cloud printer

WIFI smart cloud printer, not a LAN printer, is an Internet cloud printer To achieve remote cloud printing, the printer only needs to connect to a WIFI wireless router (connected to the WAN) No need to connect to a computer, the printer can print orders anywhere, regardless of distance After the customer submits the order through the APP and the cash register system, the order is issued within 2s. It saves time and effort, saving a lot of manpower for the merchants.

?Can I get trail account prior to purchase ?

Real-time data transmission, the requirements for bandwidth and server data query are very high, if the user does not get efficient and real-time service guarantee, it will greatly restrict its rapid development. For the need of high-speed data transmission, Feiyun Cloud establishes a professional high-speed channel between users and Feiyan wireless terminals, and combines various advanced dynamic acceleration technologies to significantly improve the real-time transmission speed of user data.

WIFI Printer Advantages


It can be combined with tablet PCs and other smart terminals. In addition to mobile ordering and payment, it can also realize a variety of functions to expand to provide better customer service.

Smart cloud

The WI-FI smart printer without driver software can directly print tickets through the smart terminal.

Energy efficient

No need for a computer, thus reducing the amount of hardware required and reducing energy bills.


Bringing all the functions together in one machine design can reduce hardware equipment acquisition costs and maintenance costs.


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