Food Ordering and Management Becomes Easy, Simple, & Stress-free with CatchFood


The modern world is powered by technology and has pushed lifestyles in a digital shift-over. A few decades ago, no one even imagined the kind of conveniences they can easily access today. High-degree of automation in industries, use of robotics in factories and households, and a world where self-driving cars are a possibility was something no one ever dreamt of. Today the tech entrepreneurs work to bring innovative and technologically advanced solutions for consumers that add ease and convenience in their lives, allowing them to a lifestyle full of luxuries. It is because of these smart innovators that people can enjoy shopping from their favorite stores from the comfort of their homes. It does not stop here.

Not only people enjoy shopping for clothes, accessories, and groceries online, but they can also place their orders online. They do not have to wait to get connected via phone or drive to the nearest local take-out to buy food; all they need is a stable internet connection and a PC or a smartphone. The advent of food ordering platforms is adding a higher level of ease in the lives of people. Ahmad A. Najar, a tech entrepreneur, launched an online food ordering platform, Catchfood, to make ordering food a simple process for the consumers and management of food orders for restaurant owners stress-free.

A Minnesota-based Food Ordering Platform Stirring Hype in the Food Industry

Catchfood is a Minnesota-based online food ordering platform that was launched as a web application to serve consumers in the United States. It began functioning in the year 2015 and gained rapid success all across the country. The website is easy to use, features a simple infrastructure, and has responsive web design. As the site achieved success, the team decided to work on its mobile applications and launched applications on the Google Playstore and Apple Store. It increased the reach of the service, and an increased number of consumers have since then started using Catchfood frequently.

The platform uses Google Maps to track the location of the consumer. It then lists down all the restaurants that are lie close to a user’s location. Food lovers can browse through the hundreds of listed restaurants, compare prices, and choose the best restaurant with ease. They do not have to stand in a long line as they can simply place an order using their PCs or mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, or iPads.

Unlike other online food ordering websites and mobile applications, Catchfood is not only for food delivery, but it can also be used to place dine-in and take-out orders. It is something no other online food ordering app offers to the consumers. It is an added advantage that makes CatchFood a top choice of all consumers around the country.

The benefits of using this app are not restricted to food lovers and consumers; instead, it serves as a helpful tool for restaurant owners and managers. Receiving orders online through a properly-maintained platform helps restaurant managers efficiently manage their orders. Moreover, it establishes an additional stream of orders besides in-house diners, orders from the restaurant’s website, and through landlines. It allows restaurants to enjoy improved sales and generate high revenues.

Stepping into Middle-East

Catchfood first started offering its services in the United States, and the plan was to introduce the online food ordering services in the Middle East. Ahmad planned to launch the Catchfood services in the Middle East in the summer of 2020. However, he pushed his team to work for an early launch of the app. He wanted to help revive the deteriorating economy of the struggling countries. Restaurants and cafés play a major role in the local economy and serve as the source of income for many homes. He introduced Catchfood web and application in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, ksa, and Iraq. Within three weeks of the launch, more than 500 restaurants from these countries were registered to the Catchfood’s network of restaurants.

Easy Registration, Easy Growth

Growing a restaurant business is challenging, but Catchfood helps restaurants grow with ease. Without any extensive marketing efforts, cafes and restaurants can share their menu with a vast network of consumers. For a restaurant to register in the Catchfood network, they can visit its official website as a new merchant.

Ahmad A Najar, the founder, and CEO of Catchfood, states, “We encourage restaurant owners to contact the team of catch food Online ordering, upload their menu and start using the app and website. It is an easy way to bring all restaurants to the digital on-demand world, and the safest way is to order food online from home.”

Currently, Catchfood has 10,000 restaurants registered to its network. He plans to launch the Catchfood services to other Middle Eastern countries, giving an opportunity to all restaurants to grow and bringing ease in the lives of consumers.

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